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Using external recruitment services for the first time, comes with the headache-inducing decision of who to choose. And before you get wrapped up in who’s an expert in this and that, there are different methods of recruiting to think about first. Traditional, flat fee, newspaper advertising, and the list goes on…

Traditional Recruitment
Traditional recruitment is usually the most popular method of recruitment as the entire workload can be taken out of your hands, and handled by top recruitment consultants. And that sounds great, because it will give you more, stress-free time and you will be happy knowing that the candidate will be sourced by professionals. What’s not so great, is that those professionals don’t come cheap. You will be paying a big fee at the end of the process, and the candidate you have forked out for, might not be the sedulous staff member you were keen to hire.

Media Advertisement
Advertising in the newspaper, radio or on television, is a great idea in terms of reach and impact; it is probably the fastest way to reach the most people in a short space of time. Mass media has an immense impact, and can launch a job listing from the ground to the moon, but the weight of your pockets afterwards? Now that might be a little scary. Unless your company can afford the expense with ease, you might want to turn your attention to another, more pocket-friendly, method.

Word of Mouth
If you have a social butterfly in your ranks, recruiting by word of mouth could do you some good. To reach relevant people through this method is difficult, but with time, perseverance, and ultimately, a lot of good business connections, you might get somewhere. The unreliability, however, is the biggest downfall here. If you have little time, and little social influence, you might be best with almost any other method.

Online Job Boards
The popularity of online job boards is continuously increasing due to the ease and simplicity of finding relevant vacancies; additionally, the process of listing a vacancy is painless, and often not too expensive for one. The drawback here, is the fact that to effectively promote your vacancy, you would need to post your job advertisement on multiple boards. This takes time, and the more you do, the more the cost will climb.

Social Media
Recruiting via social media is a fairly newer method on the table. It is free and simple, but it also isn’t. With something as time-consuming as this, can you really consider it free? Time is money, and it could take hours, days or even weeks to use social media as a recruitment method. It seems rather simple, but privacy settings and accounts with little detail can make it harder to find who you’re looking for. Social media is best used as a tool alongside another method, as it is a good resource to fall back on.

Flat Fee Recruitment
And now, after all that, what if I told you that you can combine all the best methods and come out on top, with a still-heavy pocket and a great list of potential candidates? That’s because you chose flat fee recruitment. Flat fee recruitment is one set, agreed fee, for the services you require. Your vacancy will be promoted, and at the end, you will be left with a list of great candidates to choose from. To promote the vacancy, the agency may use social media, online job boards, word of mouth and newspaper advertisement, combining all the best of recruitment methods to bring you the right candidate.

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