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Rocket League
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Rocket League

Rocket League is more competitive than football and more chaotic than NASCARS thanks to the combination of football and cars.

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Rocket League offers a futuristic racing game. Two teams drive cars at supersonic speed around the arena and try to hit giant balls at the opponent’s goal. Yes, this is one of those times when I can’t wait for reality to come into video games.
With such a strong central premise, Rocket League can put everything on this basic idea, but it seems the developer took care of every detail. There is a bundle of unlockable content, countless locations and a stack of designed maps. Yes, it goes far beyond the fact that a foundation just attracts to create a complete experience.
The Rocket League is supposed to be pure fun as it puts together two teams with four cars each. Play alone with bots against other players online or locally on a shared screen. Publish your allies, if you accidentally reach your goal, laugh at your enemies as you blast them, practice tactics, improvise every moment filled with something exciting and new to get your attention.

Principles of precision
There are many rocket charms in it. It is accurate and simple. Every action you have at your disposal (jumping, turbo speed, etc.) responds very well and works beautifully predictably. After just three or four games, you’re ready for all kinds of action, comic air maneuvers and dramatic returns.
Visually, the Rocket League shows the same unexpected level of care and attention. It gives a great sense of speed and dynamic madness, while providing a physics model that makes chaos for each ball and the impact of the ball predictable.

Irresistible fun
Rocket League is not only fun, it is a complete package offering lots of content, expansive graphics, online and offline modes, whose list is long. So if you smiled and rubbed your hands in ecstasy, we are happy to announce that you should absolutely download this madness.

Rocket League

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