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RDS Knight 4
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RDS Knight 4

Offices are being filled. Remote offices and mobile workers are always ready. The increased flexibility that occurs when working in remote environments also increases the risk. Malicious software and redemption are distributed on the Internet. Login information is compromised. Strong passwords and alert users are not enough for security alone.

RDS-Knight is a good solution. With RDS-Knight, administrators can use various simple tools to manage remote access to the server. Developed by security experts and regularly updated, RDS-Knight remains at the forefront of remote desktop security.

As the new version is upgraded, RDS-Knight continues to lead the way in creating easy-to-use and easily accessible security solutions for businesses worldwide.

Strong security for large or small businesses

RDS-Knight is available in both RDS-Knight Security Essentials and Ultimate RDS-Knight Protection. Whether you are a small specialist or an established global company, RDS-Knight can be expanded to meet your needs and your budget.

Summary of the component

With access to the last 5 security events, the RDS-Knight homepage is a virtual dashboard that shows how secure your network is at the beginning. Take action without wasting seconds! If necessary, you can also update directly to the latest version

RDS Knight 4

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