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The Best Web Browser Since Firefox exploded on the web in 2004, the Mozilla developer has downloaded it 200 million times. Since then, apart from minor changes, visual patches and security, so far no radical changes have taken place. Firefox is now available and offers fans a set of integrated features that were previously not available or requires that many existing themes and extensions will not work in this beta, although you can try to force them to use the Night extension at your own risk (function () {(review ‘-app-page-desktop’);}); One of the most important security elements is anti-phishing support, which helps browsers distinguish genuine websites from those designed to store and restore your personal data. Other benefits include better tab browsing (each with its own cover options), tab unlock, search / add-on manager, and more. One of the most useful features we found was the predictive search function on the Google toolbar, which will suggest potential phrases and popular search terms as you type. The automatic session download option (which was previously available with the Mix Plus Tab plugin) is also a tonic when the system hangs or you have too many tabs open, and Firefox is a major drawback due to connection mismatch problems, though that will change when developers update their plugins. in the coming weeks and months. The legendary memory leak seems to be still not fixed because Firefox still has poor computing power. This often causes accidents, keyboard strikes and violence. The newly released Internet Explorer 7 introduces a tab revision, Firefox takes Internet browsing to a whole new level. Although many new features are available with plug-ins, it is still a browser that rooting and consolidating Firefox as the best browser on the market thanks to updates and changes in stability Security and stability updates


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