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Keep Clustertruck Disaster Clustertruck is a unique platform game in which you control a character who jumps from the back of one vehicle to another so as not to hit the ground. That seems challenging enough in itself, but these trucks are not managed properly. As they collide, fly into the sky and get out of control, you’ll have the time and brutality to jump in between them and go through the level to the end. Like watching a car accident, Clustertruck has pretty rudimentary graphics, but the game is both interesting and challenging. As you jump from vehicle to vehicle, you earn points based on speed reaching the end of the level and the difficulty of achievement. There are 90 levels full of awesome drivers ranging from deserts, snowy landscapes to high-tech tunnels. The constant conflicts with their chaotic, unpredictable physically based results mean that you have to be constantly on alert for both dangers and opportunities. As with any platform game, you will realize that you often die, but crashing is so ridiculous that it’s hard to get angry when you do this. (function () {(‘view-page-application-page-desktop’);}); Banging and Banging Again If you like fast unpredictable platformers, Clustertruck can offer hours of chaotic fun jumping. It doesn’t have really sophisticated graphics, but they are simple enough and clear that you can see every minute of the madness.


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